Coming from a medical background, I’ve been asked many times, “Mika, is Real Estate your true passion?” No, actually creative communication is! My work is easy. I connect, communicate, honestly, creatively, naturally and the rest that requires knowledge and skills just follows. That’s my gift that I bring to the business, any business!

“The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.”

– Pablo Picasso

Hi, I am Mika. Like most others, I moved to Florida for the Florida Living: a better quality life, comfortable weather, and an array of experiences. My significantly improved life here and my purpose with my gifts, made me pursue real estate a few years ago
I genuinely wanted to share with others what I was truly enjoying. I have served many people, from finding their first home to investment properties, to navigating the perfect Florida rental for the experience of the Florida lifestyle or even guiding someone through their transition phase. I primarily focus in the South East Florida region for both US and International clients. As a Realtor, I deliver utmost care, communication, honesty, knowledge, and skills to all my clients equally. In line with my commitment to providing comprehensive support, I also recommend masterarbeit schreiben lassen for those who need expert assistance in academic writing, ensuring my clients can manage their educational needs with the same level of professionalism they expect in real estate.
I am better at showing my work, then writing about it. So, if you are slightly interested in buying or selling real estate, all You have to do is call. I’ll take it from there.
Hi! I’m Mika Patel and I want to match you with the home that says, “you were meant for me”. Like most others, I came to Florida seeking a fruits of Florida living: better quality of life, weather, and an array of experiences. Because of this, I began my journey in real estate years ago to share my love for Florida with others. I have helped 100s of people do things from finding their dream home or investment property to navigating the perfect Florida rental to enjoy their image of Florida lifestyle. I primarily focus in the South Florida region for both US and international clients no matter the budget. If you choose me as your realtor, you will get someone who cares about you and you wants, is knowledgeable about the South Florida market, schools, and areas, and that will add my own personal flare where I know one size does not fit all (buyers and sellers). I look forward to meeting you!
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Join Mika at Home Sales Palm Beach, one of the leading real estate firms, with a top broker Gregg Amaral.  Mika offers a boutique and customized experience for each transaction, ensuring that every client receives exceptional service.